Sarah Geronimo (HK Viewpoint)

Hi Sarah!

I got the courage and chance to write this with the help of my other friends from the Popsters’ Group.

I created this blog to share with you the thoughts, opinions, views, comments and sentiments that people have been sharing about you from the past, present and in the coming days. I am hoping that you will find time to read this blog whenever you have time.  I personally know that you don’t have any free time to read the newspapers, watch local showbiz news and the kind,  just to hear the people’s voice about you and your job.  With this blog, I will try to consolidate and  write the viewpoint of the people for your easy access.

For a start,  on behalf of all the Popsters, Congratulations Sarah! Great job in Hating Kapatid.

People’s viewpoint (about Hating Kapatid movie)

It was a very hilarious film.  Great comedic timing Sarah, we’ve noticed that comedy is your comfort zone but drama was a big challenge for you. You do well in drama but people wanted more in you.  Majority of  your fans say that there’s always a room for improvement.  You just need to push yourself to find time & think of a good motivation to become better in drama scenes.  Don’t get me wrong, but from A Very Special Love and You changed my life, you did very well in Hating Kapatid when it comes to crying scenes.

No questions ask when it comes to comedy, the talent comes out very naturally in you.  You got that raw talent to make people smile and even laugh, keep it up Sarah!  After watching Hating Kapatid movie, people say that acting workshops can help you improve your craft, most especially as a drama actress.  We are looking forward of seeing you in a big screen in a high quality drama films acting with those premiere actors and actresses.  With this, people are praying that your management Viva and you will consider doing a workshop, it is for your own good.  While you are still young, try to improve and develop all the talents that you’ve got.  Show to the world how good and versatile a Sarah Geronimo is.

Most of the fans are dreaming to see you in a stage accepting a Best Drama actress trophy in the future.  We hope that time will come and this dream will come true.  More Power to you Sarah, may the Lord God guide you in everything that you do! Till the next post.  🙂

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